Monday, June 19, 2006

If thou dost not hide thee from the bear...

Dangers, doubts, wringing of the conscience
Sri: Bharti and Bajaj Auto have shown stronger resilience.
Jog: These are bearish days. Look at good stocks.
Kay: "If thou dost not hide thee from the bear."
Dax: As in King Henry VI! Watching UTI Bank.
Sri: At Rs 35, Ashok Leyland is back where it started!
Dax: Chance for value investors to accumulate?


Monday, June 12, 2006

'Rumour doth double, like the voice and echo'

Fair persuasions mix'd with sugar'd words
Dax: Beginning of a bear market? All +ve news discounted.
Kay: L&T lost about 30% in a month, despite 1 for 1 bonus.
Sri: Gujarat NRE lost 24% since announcing 1:1 bonus.
Dax: News of bonus shares used to enthuse the market.


'Yet one word more: grief boundeth where it falls'

How now, how now, chop-logic!
Kay: Markets showing huge volatility.
Jog: One can't decipher much on the movement, technically.
Sri: Nifty closed higher on Friday but see a resistance at 3,167.
Dax: On the downside, a fall below 2,931 is risky to hold longs.
Sri: Though market bounced on Friday, it is still
vulnerable to selling.