Monday, July 31, 2006

Sideshows of yesteryears will not recede altogether

There is no wrong, but every thing is right
Sri: The slide in Jet Airways may not be over, yet.
Dax: Weak numbers could see it shed further ground.
Jog: Nestle, too, should rule weak on flat numbers.
Sri: Unitech could see some buying coming in.
Jog: After strong earnings growth for the quarter.
Dax: Cement and auto stocks should see movement.
Kay: Depending on the street's perception of...
Sri: Their monthly despatch and sales numbers.


Monday, July 24, 2006

Street ignoring even the cos that showed good results!

Oil and fire, too strong for reason's force
Dax: Watching Reliance Energy and Kesoram Industries.
Jog: Promising on the charts. Reverse is the case with
Infosys and Reliance.
Sri: MRPL may see some buzz. Korean and Japanese
investors are eyeing...
Kay: A stake in the company's petrochemical project?
Dax: Vijaya Bank, Bhushan Steel, Andhra Sugars & LMW...
Jog: May be firm on the back of a good set of numbers.
Kay: ICICI Bank and Federal Bank may rule weak.
Sri: Because their numbers belied street expectations?
Dax: BHEL board meets on July 28 for bonus & stock split.
Jog: Prices of sugar stocks have taken a beating.


Thou shalt see how apt it is to learn...

Any hard lesson that may do thee good
Dax: Suna tha... ki 'A pin lies in wait for every bubble!'
Jog: When the two eventually meet, kya hoga?
Kay: 'Some very old lessons' for a new set of investors!
Sri: Much Ado About Nothing!
Dax: "Thou shalt see how apt it is to learn... "
Jog: "Any hard lesson that may do thee good." Bye.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Market does a tango with the Government...which explains the continuing flip-flop

Is the market looking for excuses to crash?
Sri: Only silver lining is that FIIs were net buyers...
Dax: To the tune of Rs 1,136 crore from June onwards.
Kay: Volatile movement is likely in the coming days .
Sri: Market does a tango with the Government.
Dax: Which explains the continuing flip-flop.
Jog: Is the market looking for excuses to crash?
Sri: When some large-cap stocks are available...
Kay: At attractive prices, why risk buying mid-cap ones?


Monday, July 03, 2006

A volume of enticing lines

A fellowship in a cry of players
Dax: What a relief! May July brim with optimism!
Jog: Oscar Wilde says, "Basis for optimism is sheer terror."
Kay: Still want to play safe? Bet on technology stocks.
Sri: Things are quite +ve for software, hotels and cement.
Jog: Some pressure on monsoon and inflation news.


Sweet are the uses of adversity

Sweet flowers are slow and weeds make haste
Jog: Heard on the street. Some action can be on Lloyd Electric.
Sri: Also Uniply and MRO-TEK, if I may add.
Dax: Inflation above 5% and sarkar's knee-jerk reaction!
Jog: Add pressure for the market, in my view.
Kay: Tone of the FOMC statement is to watch out for.