Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A cult is a religion with no political power

Cooling when ‘tis almost an apple?

Khan was anxiously reading Ben’s recent statement about subprime woes. Jogin was restlessly thumbing through ‘The Age of Turbulence’. And Dakshinamoorthy was studiously digging up literature on stockmarket highs… Till Sridevi assembled them all for the weekly market chat, yapping: ‘YAP’. For ‘your attention please’!
* * *
Sri: Hi. Markets are on a roll.
Jog: But volatility cannot be ruled out this week…


Friday, September 21, 2007

BSE - 30

The BSE Sensex recorded its life time high of 16,415.88 on September 20th. The immediate support for the Sensex is at 15,940 and the subsequent support is at 15,670 level. As long as the index trades above 15,970 the bullish momentum holds. The trading is volatile on Friday (Sept 21st), the sensex is struggling to enter green.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Investment bankers quite optimistic about India

Well-sailing ships and bounteous winds

Jogin was studying the currency movement charts of the past few months. Khan was plotting the economic indicators to check for slowdown signs. But it was the fast-paced T-20 on the telly that Dakshinamoorthy was busy watching … Till Sridevi SMS-ed them all: ‘MG’ for market gappa. Sync!
* * *
Sri: Hi. Back from modak feast?
Kay: Hmm… Inflation figures encouraging.
Jog: For the market? Nifty caved in!
Dax: Meekly on Friday.


Monday, September 10, 2007

Stock on up trend

Hard to sweep bad news under the carpet

Khan was worriedly studying the US foreclosures data. Dakshinamoorthy was tabulating patents filed info, company wise. And Sridevi was charting the scenarios post a likely rise in petrol/diesel prices. Till Jogin reminded them all about the market chat. Log in!
* * *
Jog: Hi. Study the fundamentals…
Kay: Of small/mid caps before paying heed to ‘news’!


Monday, September 03, 2007

Contrarian bets!


Jogin was studying his bike to catalogue the patents in it. Dakshinamoorthy was tabulating the performance of rated financial products in recent times. And Sridevi was analysing the funding of this year's M&As. Till Khan messaged them, `BB' - short for `Bazaar baatein'. Align!
* * *
Kay: Hi. Market breadth was +ve on Friday.
Dax: On the upside, Nifty faces resistance.
Sri: At 4,480. Further at 4,525.