Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Gas-to-fuel technology could become inevitable

Finishing punishing notes

‘Punishing notes’ - that’s how Dakshinamoorthy titled his short piece on participatory notes and was waiting to hear others’ opinion on it. Khan was figuring out the chances of US Fed cutting the rates. We all knew what happened to the Indian markets last time…phew! With the big performance bonus landing up her bank, Sridevi was looking up tax implications…when Jogin did the predictable…BUZZ! It’s that time of the week…listen up.
* * *
Jog: Welcome to la-la land.
Dax: Why what happened? Your wife left you…finally J!


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Reassuring thought!

A truly stable system expects the unexpected

Khan was studying with concern the trend of one-time items shoring up profits. Dakshinamoorthy was toiling with oil reports. And Jogin was dissecting the recent corporate results into a two-by-two grid, on profit ratio and ROI as axes… Till Sridevi jammed the brakes on their activities with a A truly stable system expects the unexpected cryptic message, thus: ‘StMkCt’ – for start market chat. Hang on!
* * *
Sri: Hi, are you all away?
Kay: No. But traders can stay away!


Monday, October 15, 2007

There will be plenty of IPOs, led by the proposed offer by Reliance Power

Anybody for bull sprinting this week?

Khan was going through the investment efficiency of the much-hyped 4 billion dollar to be put in by RIL. Dax pored over the historical P/E of the Sensex. Sri was just about to find the short-term effects of media publicity when.... BUZZ...Jogin calls them for some market chit chat as he is on a “happy” mode after fixing his US client’s communication problem online. “Anybody...yoohooo...hello...guys?”
* * *
Jog: Hey any idea where IT stocks are now?
Dax: (after typing nmne for none) As far as I know, Right time to apply “wait and watch” strategy... key is to remain invested for the long-term.


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Nifty Junior crossed 10K mark

Signs of hesitancy apparent

Jogin was calculating what difference the new sops would make to exporters. Dakshinamoorthy was charting scenarios with possible interest rates. And Sridevi was analysing the first-day performance of IPOs… Till Khan summoned them all for the weekly market chat. Drop in!
* * *
Kay: Hi! Nuke threat to govt?
Dax: Bad signal for markets!
Sri: News of FM urging banks to cut lending rate…


Saturday, October 06, 2007

Weekly chart of Sensex

From the weekly chart of BSE sensex it is evident that the long term uptrend is very strong and intact.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Bulk deals data show a significant build up…

Index march at Twenty 20 pace?

Jogin was computing the costs of business uncertainty caused by political dillydallying. Khan was extrapolating the ad revenues of T20 matches for the near term. Dakshinamoorthy was studying Gandhiji’s works to spot nuggets that might apply to today’s economy… Till Sridevi messaged them all, ‘LGT’ – for let’s get talking. Listen on!
* * *
Sri: Hi. Market breadth was positive last Friday.
Kay: Sensex, Nifty making new peaks every day.