Monday, June 09, 2008

'If inflation goes higher, Sensex will fall more'

The market is smarter than we think!

Because Americans lost jobs (guess everything is coming to India), stocks fell there. 49,000 job losses = 394 points less, Jogin was thinking hard. Europe fell too. The only thing that seems to going up is oil - the crude variety of course, Khan quipped. Dakshinamoorthy expected a gap-down for the Sensex when markets open on Monday. Sridevi, the most optimistic of the group, preferred to wait till the Asian markets gave cues in the morning. What’s the support for Sensex, is that what you ask? Market Chat has answers…
* * *
Jog: This week was BAD. 840 points gone
Sri: We have fallen enuf. Its time to rise.


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Anonymous said...

Dow Jones fell 777 points. Watch out for the bloodbath in the Sensex today.

It is going to be a huge battle of nerves for thos still invested.