Monday, June 02, 2008

Who will pay more for petrol?

How much more, before we fall?

GDP numbers were good but inflation was bad. Is RBI getting into rate-hiking mode? If inflation breaches 8.5 per cent, Khan was sure Mr. Reddy would be tempted to do so. Jogin shared same views. On how things haven’t become any cheaper in the last few weeks, so inflation could go up. As if that was not enough, Sridevi has oil on her brain. They have to hike fuel prices – there’s no way out. Her oil marketing company stocks have bled enough was her argument. So, here we have a consensus amongst participants in many weeks, is it? Wait, Dakshinamoorthy is left! He asks whether the market is smarter than us. May be Market Chat will throw some ‘colour’…
* * *
Jog: State-run oil firms hiked aviation fuel prices
Sri: Bad for airline stks. Fuel’s costly. Air-travel will too


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