Monday, July 14, 2008

One more week to ‘deal’ with

Should you start buying now?
Some call it a structural bull market, some bear market and others continue to point towards the 200-day Daily Moving Average. Whatever be it, I am gonna buy, says Jogin. And why not: valuations have started to become tempting, echoes Khan. Dakshinamoorthy thinks investing is all about where you enter and where you exit! 13500 to 15000 is a good 11 per cent upside, he reasons. Sridevi, the perennial bull, isn’t sure whether there are enough people to buy. Buyers maketh the market. What should you buy now or more importantly, should you even buy? MarketChat has some answers.
* * *
Jog: How abt Prajay Engineers?
Sri: Go for Unitech or DLF. They are bigger.

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