Monday, January 21, 2008

Don't buy and don't hold!

‘A day at a time’

Jogin and Sridevi were arguing over the week’s fall in Sensex. 1800 points. Was it too much, too soon? Why now when we have desisted corrections for so long, asked Jogin. Sridevi suggested we are playing catch up with other markets. Khan entered the chat room. Dakshinamoorthy, who was busy studying the charts, finally found out the possible support level for Nifty…
* * *
Kay: Last week was bad. Real bad!
Sri: But did you see Reliance Power? It was a breeze


Thursday, January 17, 2008

More cuts may not mean more FII money always!

‘The choice is entirely yours’

Khan had hit upon a discovery of sorts. He found that every time a mega IPO/FPO opens, the market is euphoric. Sridevi had applied for Future Capital last week but was betting on some allotment from Reliance Power. Jogin was planning to go short on Sensex heavyweights as they announce some results this week. Dakshinamoorthy joined in at this juncture…
* * *
Kay: Remember DLF IPO.
Sri: I hope RPL does better than dat


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

What is like now is all the big boys are moving up

What’s going on???

Twenty-one thousand seems to be future this week, Dakshinamoorthy thought as entered the chat room titled ‘Market Chat’. He was not the first. Khan was waiting… in his rare but happy mood. Punjab Tractors shot up last week. Whether the wealth would stay or not, was questionable. Sridevi came in and was searching for Jogin. Apparently, Jogin’s exclusive picks for her last week had… backfired! Jogin appeared, chirp as usual.
* * *
Jog: What?
Sri: Stop making ppl lose their money with ur picks.


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The petrol price hike likely in the first week of Jan

Have a blast this year, not literally!!!

We finally got the Christmas gift we hoped for last week. Didn’t we? Sridevi now hoped for the January effect to take centre stage. She was giving final and deft touches to the New Year’s Eve party, when her cell beeped. Everybody was waiting at the chat room. Khan, Dakshinamoorthy and Jogin had left all hopes. But for the cell!
* * *
Sri: Sorry guys forgot about mkt chat.
Kay: Guess, you finally grew the money making habit Sri…