Monday, March 24, 2008

Foreign brokerages are revising earnings estimates

This Monday could be different!

Khan, Dakshinamoorthy, Jogin and Sridevi are a worried lot. Each one of them have lost big money in stock markets. Is there as silver lining round the corner? Mondays have been bad for trading. But to get to better Tuesdays, we have to go through the 1st day of the week. And it could be very different this week. Over to market chat…
Jog: US Fed’s actions last week cud save us.
Sri: I feel, JP Morgan got a plum of a deal.


Monday, March 10, 2008

Gold is safer asset, at least now!

Have we hit the bottom?

The benchmark index has fallen over 20 per cent in 2008. Soaring oil prices and commodity prices served as evil twins pushing the rate of inflation to 5.02 per cent. Sounds like US, doesn’t it? Khan thought. Technically speaking, are we in a bear market, Dakshinamoorthy asked. In all honesty, Sridevi felt that the markets could bottom out but no good news is in sight. Jogin’s worst nightmares were confirmed last week. What’s in store this week…
* * *
Jog: I wont say anything. This week was terrible!
Sri: Largecaps have crumbled like naything.


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Deficit budget by FM

Aftershocks on Monday?

Wall Street closed down on Friday. Khan was betting that the Sensex might follow it Dakshinamoorthy was of the opinion tha apart from selective auto and pharma stocks, there was anything to cheer up traders, or investors in the Budget.”Global events to rule the roost now,” Sridevi added. What does Jogin feel? Listen to him on Mkt Chat…
* * *
Jog: Monday we r going down baby!
Sri: Gap down likely but…