Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Greenspan’s observations were distressing

Bear, bear, go away, retail investors want to play

Jogin (an economics student) and Mack (an American expat working in India) start celebrating Diwali before their friends Divya (a journalist) and Bidyut (an economics professor) can join them. Between bursting crackers and munching sweets, Jogin decides to tease Mack.

Jogin: So Mack, Alan Greenspan has finally agreed he was wrong about total freedom in markets. What next? Rolling back neo-liberalism and going the Communist way?


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

'It would be better to accumulate stocks in small quantities'

Is this a good time to invest?

Bidyut (an economics professor) and Mack (an American expat working in India) are seated in the professor’s car, enjoying vanilla ice cream from a roadside vendor near the beach in Chennai when they overhear the seller talking with some customers about the global liquidity crunch and sub-prime. In the face of the assault on their ears, their resolve to stay away from the topic – something they deal with every day in their respective professions – melts faster that the vanilla in Chennai heat.
Bidyut: Well, just about everyone is talking about it now.
Mack: (Chuckles) Ya, seems most people know more about sub-prime that we do.