Tuesday, January 27, 2009

'Satyam will be available for peanuts'

War in the midst of crisis

Jogin (a student) is trying to concentrate on writing an academic report on contemporary financial markets but cannot help overhear the discussion between his friends Divya (a journalist), Bidyut (an economics professor) and Mack (an American expat working in India).
Mack: Kudos to the Obama administration. They seem to be ready to bell the cats, even if it means getting a few scratches.
Bidyut: What are you talking about?


Monday, January 19, 2009

What is more bitter, the coffee or the report!

Obama for change, Raju for president

Bidyut (an economics professor) is pouring over a report of the latest financial results of IT companies seated in a coffee pub when his friends Mack (an American expat working in India) and Divya (a journalist) walk in.
Mack: Interesting read, Bidyut? What is more bitter, the coffee or the report!
Bidyut: Let me put it this way, coffee can be sweetened.
Mack: Financial reports can also be sweetened. Only thing is making coffee sweeter is easier, and legal.


'The only certainty now is uncertainty'

Big Four to Big Three now?

The holiday season has come to an end for the four friends – Divya (a journalist), Jogin (a student), Mack (an American expat working in India) and Bidyut (an economics professor). But the wine from Christmas revelry continued to flow – much like the conversation – at Mack’s place.
Jogin: How was the visit home during Christmas holidays, Mack?
Mack: Not too memorable, mate. Most of my friends have lost jobs and others are expecting
to lose them pretty soon.