Monday, February 23, 2009

'Protectionism will breed itself'

A week to watch on several fronts

As another week ends with bears running wild in the market, the four friends – Jogin (a student), Divya (a journalist), Bidyut (an economics professor) and Mack (an American expat working in India) – meet for their weekend powwow.
Divya: Mack, there is a lot of talk about nationalisation of banks in the US. Do you think it will happen?
Mack: Well, the new government has said they favour banks in private hands but I think we can expect part-nationalisation regulations soon.


Monday, February 16, 2009

'Fallout of job losses can be grave'

Who will bail out the government?

On the eve of the interim budget, Divya (a journalist), Jogin (a student), Mack (an American expat working in India) and Bidyut (an economics professor) get together for coffee. The conversation drifts towards the obvious.

Divya: You are unusually quiet, Jogin. What is the matter?
Jogin: I am wondering what the budget will throw up. The suspense is killing me.
Divya: There are wide spread expectations of sops.