Monday, April 20, 2009

Wait and watch before taking a decision

Signs of a bull and some clouds

Mack (an American expat working in India) and Bidyut (an economics professor) are going through research reports on markets when their friends Jogin (a student) and Divya (a journalist) join them.

Mack: Hey guys, Bidyut claims that the market is showing a rally because of the elections. What do you think? Will the Sensex drop after the elections?
Jogin: I don’t know about the elections, but I sure wish some of our politicians drop dead. I mean, some of them are old enough to, right?


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

`Confidence is everything'

Confidence enough to hold market rally?

Divya (a journalist) is putting away her tax filings when her friends Bidyut (an economics professor), Jogin (a student) and Mack (an American expat working in India) barge in.
Jogin: I am hungry. Is there something to eat?
Divya: I should get a tax rebate for feeding you. Look in the kitchen, you will find something.
Divya: Why didn't Bidyut and Mack feed Jogin?


Thursday, April 09, 2009

G20 leader should walk the talk

Greatness of G20 yet to be tested

Bidyut (an economics professor) is glued to the television as it plays the images of G20 protests in London. Jogin (a student), Divya (a journalist) and Mack (an American expat working in India) join him.

Jogin: A historical summit, wouldn’t you agree?
Bidyut: Yes and no. Yes because the US has agreed to share power with developing nations. No
because only time will clarify if it is a historical meet.